About Open Health Innovations

Open Health Innovations’ (OHI) mission is to help organizations, from very small to very large, advance the "health" of their cause by broadly connecting stakeholders important for success. Stakeholders can be employees, customers, suppliers and all other manner of partners. OHI's approach can drive top line results but also lessen the exposure of organizations financially and organizationally.

OHI’s methodology connects people and groups with the tools, information and best practices necessary for them to be successful. OHI’s model generally has ownership residing with individuals and teams but guided and supported by the organizations they're connected with.

OHI uses open technologies wherever possible and provides them, in many cases, license free to customers and partners.

Recent Posts

February 23
The New Axis of Influence in Healthcare
The Patient-PCP relationship will increasinlgy drive care decisions in healthcare. Payers will have...
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October 5
Healthcare Innovation Sandboxes: Fostering Innovation at the Intersection of Self-Interest and Collaboration
Innovation in the complex landscape of healthcare is often stymied by diverse challenges ranging...
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November 4
Collective Impact in South Africa
Advances and Capacity Building in Palliative and Cancer Care in Soweto
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August 26
Lifetime Value System Design
Develop systems with a clear path toward what's critical -- delivering long term customer value
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January 3
Care Teams Drive Better Outcomes
A look at our patient-family centric caregiving tools in V.10
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