The COST TO INNOVATE has never been lower

The RISK OF NOT has never been higher

These two statements work hand in glove and should simultaneously excite and scare leadership teams. For while the barriers have never been lower to organizations trying new things, the same applies to an organization's competitors.

Agility and small, first steps

Some leaders (perhaps even most) believe that big change must start with big, first steps. Not only is this not true, it's antithetical to how the best companies innovate. The lean start-up approach in concert with open technologies can dramatically affect what's possible. In mere days and weeks highly functioning, first generation systems can be stood up, on modest budgets, and introduced for stakeholder feedback.

Move quickly while managing financial exposure

Our approach to innovation we describe as "Factors of 10." It's iterative, milestone-driven, and limits financial exposure when unknowns are the greatest. Download a short white paper here and read a case study on how a state organization applied the approach and our technology to immediately tackle their COVID-19/PPE challenges.

When you're ready Contact Us - we'll schedule a short session with an innovation expert to get things rolling.

"Lean Startups"

This Article from Harvard Business Review encapsulates the movement of organizations toward this innovation-driving methodology.

"Factors of 10"

This is our own variant of the lean startup methodology that we've found accelerates organizations' ability to innovate in cost effective, bite-sized pieces, mitigates risk and judiciously employs capital. Here you can review and Download the short white paper