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The New Axis of Influence in Healthcare

Posted by David Richards on February 23, 2024, 5:55 PM EST
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The Patient-PCP relationship will increasinlgy drive care decisions in healthcare. Payers will have new and better utilization tools and the impacts on accrual for Providers and Suppliers will be dramatic

Over the past 25 years the Internet has brought forth such an explosion of data and information that it's had almost the exact opposite effect of what was hoped for; and that is, greater awareness and agency on the part of patients.  The breadth and depth is information is now so mind numbingly complex that it overwhelms them, most PCPs, and in many cases even specialists. 

The adoption of true patient centric tools and the explosion of AI will and is dramatically changing this.  As this happens there is a clear headline that this implies: influence moves dramatically in the direction of patients and PCPs.  We see this as a shift in what we're calling the "axis of influence."  Those that understand and take advantage of this sooner will be huge winners in the battle for the patient's attention and business.

OHI is involved along with a range of partners in a program called Epione.  While Epione's initial focus is concierge services around prostate cancer the model will be adapted to other indications.  Slides from a recent deck are below.  

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